Often when gathering your tax documents at the end of the

financial year for the preparation of your tax return it can be

a little confusing when knowing what to pass over to your


Below are samples of common documents in PDF format

a tax checklists that may apply to you when it comes to

preparing your tax return, ranging from samples

documents on Private Health Insurance to Long Service


We trust you will find this a useful tool.

Samples of Tax Documents

Annual Rental Statement [171 Kb]

This statement is issued by your real estate property manager each year at the end of the financial year. The statement is a concise summary of rent collected and expenses paid on your behalf with relation to your rental



Asset Finance Agreement [494 Kb]
If you have purchased an asset under a Hire Purchase or Chattel Mortgage Agreement you will have received

this paperwork regarding the structuring of the finance. This paperwork is required to enable us to calculate your tax deductable interest expense.

Managed Fund Annual Statement [349 Kb]

If you have an investment in a Managed Fund each year at the conclusion of the financial year the Fund Manager will send you an Annual Taxation Summary. This statement dissects the payments you have received throughout the year into various taxable/non taxable components.

Long Service Leave Form [268 Kb]
If you are self employed and work in the NSW Building and Construction Industry you will be required to complete this form and submit it to the NSW Long Service Leave Corporation. The form must be completed by a Tax Agent.

Prescription Out of Pocket Expenses [148 Kb]
You may request this statement from your local chemist at the end of the financial year to assess your eligibility to claim a Medical Expense Offset. The statement summarises all prescription medicines purchased from that chemist. You may need to seek multiple statements if you use more than one chemist.

Private Health Insurance Statement [572 Kb]
This statement is sent to you at the end of the financial year by your private health provider. The statement outlines the type of insurance cover you have along with any offset claim entitlements.

Property Sale Settlement Statement [553 Kb]
If you have disposed of a property investment you may have made a Capital Gain (or loss). In order to calculate the Capital Gain (or loss) we require a copy of the Settlement Statement issued by your solicitor.

Rental Property Information [69 Kb]
If you have a rental property you will need to provide our office with details regarding rent received and expenses incurred. This checklist provides a comprehensive list of the information required to complete your tax return.

Superannuation Contribution Deduction Notice [437 Kb]
On receipt of your completed Superannuation Contribution Deduction Notice your Superannuation Fund will issue an acknowledgement notice stating how much to claim in your tax return.

Superannuation Fund Acknowledgement [433 Kb]
On receipt of your completed Superannuation Contribution Deduction Notice your Superannuation Fund will issue an acknowledgment notice stating how much to claim in your tax return.



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